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About Our CDL School

A&B CDL Truck Driving School was established by Brian Stewart in 2006.

The Grand Rapids economy was still recovering from a significant downturn in manufacturing jobs. People in the community needed to make a career change. At the time, Brian Stewart owned a logistics company, Track & Fast Delivery Service. With over 20 years of experience in truck driving, Brian knew what he needed to do. He founded a CDL school. The CDL school would be an opportunity for him to diversify the services he offered the community. 

Why a CDL School?

Life happens. Circumstances change. When a significant change hits a community, it can be scary. Thousand of Michigan workers had made their career in manufacturing. They were good at what they did. But when manufacturing jobs started going over seas, many people were looking at an unexpected job change. Brian realized that Grand Rapids workers needed to make a change quickly. He also knew that the US economy relies on truck drivers.

The government implemented college tuition programs for displaced workers. However, many people needed a good job immediately. They did not have 4 years to get a degree. These good people had families to provide for and bills to pay. Brian knew that motivated individuals could get a cdl in Michigan in about 30 days. That means someone could invest one month in CDL school, then be on to a promising career. It was an easy decision to start the CDL school. 



Brian Stewart has been a member of the Kent County Veterans Honor Guard since 2018.  The KCVHG calls upon veterans of all service branches to provide military honors for deceased veterans of Kent County and their families. 

Brian also participates in the annual career days of several local High Schools and showcases Truck Driving as a viable and notable career for future generations. 

Among other qualities that Brian holds, he is a man with integrity, drive and an asset to the community. 


The CDL School: Then & Now

The CDL school started out as a way to make a difference in the community with available experience and resources. Our name is "A&B" CDL because we train for Class A and Class B licenses.


We had several students throughout the first few years. However, the school began to grow significantly. Today, we have several full-time instructors that lead classes throughout the entire year. 

Federally Licensed Training Provider

A&B CDL Truck driving School is a federally licensed training provider. We have the knowledge and experience to get you were you want to go in your career.


We teach hundreds of students each year. Many of those students go on to start careers with local companies that provide good pay and excellent benefits. Your success is a big part of our reputation. 

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