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CDL Training Courses In Michigan

CDL Training in Michigan
at Its Best

Everything you will achieve in life begins with action. The individuals in these pictures took their success into their own hands. You can too! 

If you want to join an industry that is virtually recession proof, start with your CDL training in Michigan. A&B CDL Truck Driving School has a federally-accredited course for your needs.


Make the decision to call us today, and change your tomorrow!

What is included in
our training?

The answer to this question varies based on the course you want to take. However, here are a few things you can expect from our most popular class.

4 Week CDL - Class A Training

You will experience the best training in Michigan from instructors that know their stuff. Learning takes place in the classroom, the training range, and on the road. 

You will learn how to...

  • employ safety practices on the road.

  • fill out critical documents of the trade.

    • Log Books​

    • Hours of Service

    • D.O.T. Forms

  • properly secure a load.​

  • perform your pre-trip and vehicle inspection.

  • abide by Haz-Mat regulations.

  • drive double trailers.

  • navigate efficiently and effectively.

    • Mapping​

    • Routing

    • Read An Atlas​

Last but not least, you will get One-on-One instruction with an experienced trainer while driving behind the wheel. 

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What else do we offer? Glad you asked.


Do you want to start your truck driving career before the age of 21? A Class B CDL is the way to go.  

Does your employer require a Class B CDL? no problem, we have you covered. Our expert trainers can take you from zero to career-ready in just a few weeks.

Class B CDL Training


Do you need to be certified for transporting hazardous materials? If so, this is the course for you.

Learn best safety practices as well as what to do if the unexpected happens.

Hazmat Training

Haz Mat Training

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